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What Sets Us Apart

When you hire CSI, you have three decades of experience working for you. When the situation warrants, we can also leverage our long-standing relationships with top technical and legal experts to get the job done.

We are personable and highly professional, but also relentless in pursuit of our clients’ objectives. We simply don’t give up until we see your goals accomplished. Using our in-depth knowledge of the political landscape and players, we help you analyze the situation, identify goals and anticipate future issues. Then we work one-on-one with political leaders and present a convincing case for action on your behalf.

We have worked with a wide variety of CSI clients on more than 400 different issues. Our clients range from corporations to state and local governments, trade associations, non-profits and even individuals.

Oftentimes it’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know that makes a difference. We believe that both—the “what” and the “who” are vitally important in government affairs. We are successful by working hard to learn our clients’ businesses and understand their end game. And, we have solid relationships with the political players who can take up your cause.

At CSI, we also have the “trust” factor on our side, something we consider priceless. Over time, we have built a reputation with elected officials, policymakers, and leaders of federal and state agencies. They know who we are and how we do business—ethically, fairly, and responsibly. CSI is fully committed to professionalism and integrity, which helps us keep the lines of communication open with elected officials.

CSI has a superior record for shaping policy and delivering results. Once we help you achieve your goals, we can continue to help you monitor important political, legislative, and regulatory activity and keep you informed of action that could affect you.




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